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Posts made in October 2019

What You Should See in a Remodeling Estimate

Remodeling Companies in Austin, TXYou’ve talked to prospective contractors about remodeling your house. Now, it’s time to discuss the cost. Expect remodeling companies in Austin, TX, to give you an accurate estimate for the total project cost.

For the initial contact, you may get an estimate over the phone. This is only a ballpark figure. A far more realistic value comes when the contactor actually visits your home to see what’s involved with your makeover project. Look for these line items in your cost estimate:

  • Labor – There is the day-to-day labor to consider, as well as the specialty contract work that may be necessary.
  • Materials – Ask for a specific breakdown of the costs. When remodeling involves the bathroom, new fixtures, flooring, and cabinets are part of the overall cost.
  • Demolition – You may have to remove walls, flooring, or appliances before installing the new materials.
  • Testing – Older houses may have asbestos in the ceiling or lead in the paint. For everyone’s health, it’s important to conduct testing.
  • Permits – Your contractor will have to obtain several construction permits, depending on the work being done.

All of these add up to the total project cost. Be sure you understand precisely what it is you’re paying for. Also, make sure that you get a guarantee on all work provided.

Three Reasons to Update Your Bathroom

Home Improvement in AustinYou’re looking around your bathroom, and you don’t like what you see. Everything seems to be out of style, out of date, or in need of repair. It’s time for home improvement in Austin. Know that you’re in good company, for when people decide it’s time for a change, the bathroom is one of the most popular choices for remodeling for several reasons, such as:

Functionality – Your fixtures just don’t work as well years later than they did when they were new. Because of this, your bathroom needs lots of repairs and even replacement of certain items — perhaps, the shower, flooring, or vanity.

Appearance – When your bathroom has the colors and styles of past decades, you want to spruce it up. A stand-alone, glassed-in shower would be a great addition, as would more storage for all of your frequently used items.

Accessibility— You and your spouse have decided this is your forever home. So, as you age in place, you want to make sure this space has features that make it easy for those who have mobility challenges, such as a walk-in shower or bathtub, handicap bars near the toilet, and plenty of space for a wheelchair to maneuver.

Of course, all of these individual upgrades add greatly to the beauty and functionality of your bathroom, so it’s more valuable to your family and prospective buyers should you choose to sell in the future.