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Barbra S

Remodeled kitchen from studs including raising ceiling, placing weight supporting beam to remove 2 walls, and:

  • remodeled laundry room to improve layout and traffic flow
  • added walk-in pantry
  • converted exterior back porch to inside living area
  • poured cement to raise flooring level in new living area
  • installed wood flooring throughout existing living room, new living area and kitchen
  • installed new electrical panels and electric service to remodeled areas
  • installed new gas lines for appliance repositions and decommissioned old gas lines
  • installed new windows (5) and door in new living area
  • added a/c ducting to remodeled areas
  • tiled and painted laundry room

This was our first major remodel and the scale was significant in our opinion. We sought proposals from multiple builders. A major goal in the remodel was to create open space by removing two walls and move load-bearing structures above the ceiling for an unbroken flow that didn’t look like patchwork rooms. Of the two finalists that we considered, Specialty Builders (SB) presented the best proposal for the remodel design, appeared to possess the needed expertise, and was thoroughly professional in the process.

In general, the remodel went well and we are very pleased with the end result. SB engaged us in healthy conversation about the decisions and inputs we needed to provide in the process, and there were certainly many more decisions than we had anticipated. SB provided valuable suggestions that we likely would not have thought of on our own.


  • SB was committed to deliver a remodel that matched our vision.
  • The conversations around decision points always had a positive focus on what could be done within the constraints to achieve our design goals.
  • SB was quick to resolve design or quality items that did not meet our expectations.

Notable Highlights:

  • Superior proposal for installing engineered beam to move load-bearing structures above ceiling
  • Valuable input regarding laundry room layout and traffic flow
  • Valuable input regarding the use of wall space and placement of windows/doors
  • Positive conversations around decision points
  • Work crew was focused on our remodel almost exclusively, with a few days of exception to address some urgent developments with other clients
  • Flooring subcontractor was superb and provided valuable input regarding the wood flooring installation.