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Kimberly G.

“We used Specialty Builders to completely remodel our kitchen. This included removing a wall that divided the kitchen from the dining/living room, rebuilding a half wall with breakfast bar (where the previous wall was removed), complete demolition of the entire kitchen, installation of new custom cabinets, new counter tops, new tile floor, tile backsplash, electrical work to accommodate new dual-fuel stove, installation of new stove, new overhead and low voltage under cabinet lighting, removal of popcorn ceiling, texturing and painting the walls and ceiling.

The project went smoothly, and was completed pretty much exactly in the time quoted in the estimate. We made most of our design decisions and placed our product orders well in advance, so there were few delays in that regard. Specialty Builders and their team did an excellent job of communicating when they would be working and showing up on time. The workers were always punctual, worked diligently each day, and did an excellent job with clean up at the end of each day. There was little or no dust that escaped the work area. Specialty Builders also let us know whenever there was a change in plans and got the work rescheduled right away.

As with any GC lining up various subcontractors to come in to do work, there are bound to be a few hiccups in other people getting their schedules mixed up, or having various personal problems that prevent work being done at a scheduled time. I would credit our GC with staying on top of the subcontractors and having very few delays in the project and getting things up to speed when delays did occur. Don’t assume that your contractor will have all the answers regarding specific building and remodeling codes. Specialty Builders was flexible when we had to redesign our venting solution, though we wish that we could have had some guidance on what was allowed under code.”