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Superior Home Renovation in Austin, TX

When it comes to receiving a home renovation in Austin, TX, it is vital for you to work with a contractor that has proven they are capable of delivering the high-quality craft you deserve for your property. With so many Austin remodeling companies out there to choose from, though, how are you able to figure out the right choice for your renovation needs? The answer is to learn about their reputation by seeing what others have said about them.

Specialty Builders understands that when it comes to trusting Austin renovation contractors, seeing is believing. That is why we have worked hard for more than 40 years to build up our reputation as an honest, trusted, and skilled team capable of performing all of the different types of renovation work you require at a competitive price. This has not only helped us to be a successful business for the past four decades but has also helped homeowners and commercial property owners easily find a home renovation company they can turn to when they need to make updates to their space.

Don’t just take our word for it though. We encourage you to take a look below to read just some of the different reviews we’ve received from former and current clients.

"Loyd did an excellent job so totally perfect. I couldn't believe it, he was so meticulous! There was no "cutting corners" and he takes great pride and it shows in his work.

I just couldn't have been happier the preparation, the work, the cleanup. I'm totally sold on Loyd. He strives to do it perfectly. I felt really lucky to have him."

Leslie B.

Remodeled kitchen from studs including raising ceiling, placing weight supporting beam to remove 2 walls, and:

  • remodeled laundry room to improve layout and traffic flow

  • added walk-in pantry

  • converted exterior back porch to inside living area

  • poured cement to raise flooring level in new living area

  • installed wood flooring throughout existing living room, new living area and kitchen

  • installed new electrical panels and electric service to remodeled areas

  • installed new gas lines for appliance repositions and decommissioned old gas lines

  • installed new windows (5) and door in new living area

  • added a/c ducting to remodeled areas

  • tiled and painted laundry room

This was our first major remodel and the scale was significant in our opinion. We sought proposals from multiple builders. A major goal in the remodel was to create open space by removing two walls and move load-bearing structures above the ceiling for an unbroken flow that didn't look like patchwork rooms. Of the two finalists that we considered, Specialty Builders (SB) presented the best proposal for the remodel design, appeared to possess the needed expertise, and was thoroughly professional in the process.

In general, the remodel went well and we are very pleased with the end result. SB engaged us in healthy conversation about the decisions and inputs we needed to provide in the process, and there were certainly many more decisions than we had anticipated. SB provided valuable suggestions that we likely would not have thought of on our own.


  • SB was committed to deliver a remodel that matched our vision.

  • The conversations around decision points always had a positive focus on what could be done within the constraints to achieve our design goals.

  • SB was quick to resolve design or quality items that did not meet our expectations.

Notable Highlights:

  • Superior proposal for installing engineered beam to move load-bearing structures above ceiling

  • Valuable input regarding laundry room layout and traffic flow

  • Valuable input regarding the use of wall space and placement of windows/doors

  • Positive conversations around decision points

  • Work crew was focused on our remodel almost exclusively, with a few days of exception to address some urgent developments with other clients

  • Flooring subcontractor was superb and provided valuable input regarding the wood flooring installation.

Barbra S.

"Merily and I would like to thank you for helping make remodeling an easier experience than we ever expected. Your good humor, common sense, and great gift for dealing with ‘owners’ were all most appreciated."

Tom K.

"We interviewed a few Contractors from Angie's List. Specialty Builders came through as best choice for our Kitchen ideas. Work began in mid-June and left us without a Kitchen till mid-October. Original completion date was mid-August but of no fault to B-S, we happened to choose a quartz counter-top from a manufacturer that shutdown during the summer and didn't have our product anywhere in the country. We had to wait 1-1/2 months to get the counters! Once they came in, things quickly completed and we finally got life back to normal.

Builders Specialties is not cheap but they do good work. They left the house clean each work day and put up plastic walls to contain dust. They team up with a great cabinet maker and if you desire quality and can be patient with delays, you will be happy"

Kevin S.

"We are certainly delighted! It was very reassuring to know that we could trust you to do quality work, and feel comfortable having you work on our house while we were away. We appreciate your professionalism and friendliness."

Helen Mary M.

"We had some work done on our garage to convert it to living space. The project included insulation, framing and drywall installation, painting, and several miscellaneous tasks including replacing the exterior door.

What I believe often goes under appreciated is the need to plan a project prior to starting the work. When Loyd and Justin came out to provide an estimate for the work, he pointed out issues we would need to consider before the work began. I had 3 other quotes and none of the other 3 made any comments about any issues that needed resolution. None were as thorough in the planning of the project. Loyd was not the low bidder but I believe I saved more than the difference because we had planned out the whole project and avoided pitfalls before the construction began. I would have made expensive mistakes without Loyd.

The quality of their workmanship is excellent. Their knowledge of products and materials that can be used to improve the overall quality of the project is excellent."

Robert S.

"Loyd has always done excellent work for us. We have been so pleased with his professionalism. It's been a pleasure to have him work for us.

He keeps to his schedule and only has professional people working for him. When he knows what you want done, he does exactly that. He's very meticulous and pays a lot of attention to details."

Carolyn M.

"Tear out old kitchen, raise the old lowered ceiling. Take out old closet and add this space to kitchen. Change floor plan of kitchen, widen doorway to kitchen. Take out old flooring in entry, breakfast area, kitchen and living room. Install new cabinets, countertop, backsplash, floor tile and new appliances. Install new hardwood floors in the living room. Remove wallpaper in breakfast area and guest bathroom. Remove popcorn ceiling in kitchen, entry, breakfast area and bathroom. Repaint entry, breakfast area, kitchen, hall, guest bath and living room. Remove old baseboards in all above areas and replace with 3 inch baseboards.

I got my estimates in Late August. I had hoped to have the project completed by Thanksgiving, but didn't know if that was possible. Loyd said we could and he did. His men arrived early and worked a full day every day. All of my friends told me the dust would be terrible, but Loyd’s crew managed to contain the dust and did a good job of cleaning up, every day, before they left. His crew was very competent, pleasant, and easy to work with. Loyd is also very experienced, knowledgeable, thorough and easy to work with. His attention to detail surprised me and he makes sure everything is done right. He kept close oversight on the project to ensure things were completed to his high standards. He was my advocate when dealing with all the businesses (cabinets, flooring, countertops, electricians). I had never done anything like this before and Loyd was very helpful in offering good advice and ideas. He was tirelessly patient as I struggled with the many, many little decisions that had to be made. He understood what I wanted and that is exactly what I got. Loyd also helped me stay within my budget. They were only working in the house 8 weeks. I now have the kitchen of my dreams and I couldn't be happier and could not recommend him more highly. The living room looks like new also. Thanksgiving was a huge success."

Sandra S.

"Let me just say I think he's great. He and I have worked together for over ten years on various and sundry projects, and he's the only one I would ever let touch my houses. I have three houses and I love the work he does."

Trish A.

"Demolition & removal of kitchen cabinetry and flooring. Removal of ceiling "popcorn" (acoustic). Remove existing appliances for storage or disposal. Remove existing pantry and laundry room door. Bare out walls as needed as well as raising kitchen area ceiling and reinstalling new ductwork (HVAC). Install pocket door-laundry. Re-route gas, plumbing and wiring where needed. Replace inside and outside breaker boxes. Custom cabinetry as prescribed by owner. Re-design furr-down. New drywall and paint. Install all new lighting, sink, disposal, & faucet. Install ceiling fan in breakfast room. Install cabinet pulls, etc. Install new flooring and baseboard. New countertops and backsplash. Install new and saved appliances. Obtain permits and inspections as required. The word "kitchen remodel" actually includes work on the breakfast room and a portion of the laundry room. A three-month estimate was given and fulfilled. Professional contract provided. Timeline was followed stringently due to ongoing efforts of coordination of sub-contractors. Lots of "down" days can occur without this action by the general contractor. Even quality people need straw bossing. I had three days downtime, one of which was a national holiday, the others came about through poor judgment on the part of a sub-contractor. All was put right. This contractor deals with the subs very professionally and politely--no yelling, nor untoward antics. Inspections were scheduled in a timely, anticipatory fashion, which also avoided any delays in the work schedule. Quality of work, honesty of character and a genuine belief what one does for a living is what I expected and received from this business. Having someone working in your home can be worrisome--not so with Specialty Builders. Fine work."

Sue P.

"P.S. And as you know, our children have fallen ‘in love’ with you. Please feel free to drop in with your wife and little one sometime so they can ‘ooh and ahh’ over your excellent craftsmanship."

Merily K.

"Specialty Builders renovated our master bathroom and kitchen and did a fantastic job. Loyd and Chris were great to work with and always kept us informed. We had a baby due date coming up and they stuck to their timeline and actually finished ahead of time. We also lived in the house during the renovation and they did a great job of being considerate to us and keeping the job site clean. We are planning to do our guest bathroom soon and will definitely be calling Specialty Builders again!"

Jeramy H.

"I've got to tell you, he was fabulous! If there was a change, he immediately got a change order written that stated exactly what was going to be done and did it. He did everything the way he said he would. He had a nice even temper and was very easy to work with. I never had an argument with him and it was a $350,000 project. It was a great experience for me."

Robert G.

"…if you want it done right, do it yourself,’ OR call Lloyd at Specialty Builders! He was thorough and reviewed every step of the reno with us to confirm what was planned or if we wanted to make changes. He is perfection personified--every detail was considered. He keeps the reno area immaculate considering what construction entails. He is so trustworthy, we let him have our house key for access if we were not home--something we have never done in the past. I highly recommend Specialty Builders if you want quality work done."

Ch Sl

"Loyd was great to work with and very professional. A lot of time was spent in going over our various options with us. He is very cost-conscious in determining how to use your dollars especially when you have a set amount of dollars to put into a project.

He was great at getting things done in the time frame he said he would, whether it was for the completion of a project or for the completion of a portion of it."

Gary M.

"Loyd is great and has a ton of experience as a craftsman!"

Cody B.

"We love Loyd! He's a stickler for detail. He is amazing. He's very, very responsible and is always there with his crew. You don't have to go look for him. He would even get up in the middle of the night to see if there was a leak somewhere.

I have been doing this for 11 years and have seen all the horrible things that happen with contractors. His honesty and his responsibility are the main things for recommending him. He will tell you what it is going to take."

Judy P.

"In 2012 we used Specialty Builders to completely remodel our kitchen. This included removing a wall that divided the kitchen from the dining/living room and rebuilding it as a half wall with breakfast bar, complete demolition of the entire kitchen down to the drywall, installation of new custom cabinets, new countertops, new tile floor, tile backsplash, electrical work to accommodate new dual-fuel stove (needed an upgrade master panel), installation of new stove, new overhead and low voltage under cabinet lighting, removal of popcorn ceiling, texturing and painting the walls and ceiling.

The project went smoothly and was completed pretty much exactly in the time quoted in the estimate. We made most of our design decisions and placed our product orders well in advance, so there were few delays in that regard. Specialty Builders and their team did an excellent job of communicating when they would be working and showing up on time. The workers were always punctual, worked diligently each day, and did an excellent job with clean up at the end of each day.

As with any general contractor lining up various subcontractors and dealing with the city, there were few hiccups but nothing that delayed the project by any significant amount. They let us know whenever there was a change in plans and got the work rescheduled right away. They were also flexible and understanding when we had to redesign our venting solution mid-project.

Large remodels can be stressful, especially when it's the room you feed your family from every day. Specialty Builders made it happen, and we still love our kitchen 3 years later!"

Robert K.

"They did a great job for us. Very professional. We had an entrance door with a security badging system custom made for us. Loyd had to build the entire door and frame then install wire glass a person really has to have patience to do this kind of project. He even checked the handicap requirement with the city beforehand. His rates were very good."

Amanda B.

"Kitchen remodel that included opening up kitchen to living room. Specialty Builders (Lloyd) is extremely professional and did a great job for us. He was very clean and his staff was polite and professional. Lloyd's group worked diligently on our project and were great at communicating with us and keeping us in the loop. We had support beams put in our house and we knew that they would not cut corners on the job. They delivered a quality product on the work and we did not have any problems with inspectors. They might be more expensive, but the work they do commands it."

Robert K.

"We used Specialty Builders to completely remodel our kitchen. This included removing a wall that divided the kitchen from the dining/living room, rebuilding a half wall with breakfast bar (where the previous wall was removed), complete demolition of the entire kitchen, installation of new custom cabinets, new counter tops, new tile floor, tile backsplash, electrical work to accommodate new dual-fuel stove, installation of new stove, new overhead and low voltage under cabinet lighting, removal of popcorn ceiling, texturing and painting the walls and ceiling.

The project went smoothly, and was completed pretty much exactly in the time quoted in the estimate. We made most of our design decisions and placed our product orders well in advance, so there were few delays in that regard. Specialty Builders and their team did an excellent job of communicating when they would be working and showing up on time. The workers were always punctual, worked diligently each day, and did an excellent job with clean up at the end of each day. There was little or no dust that escaped the work area. Specialty Builders also let us know whenever there was a change in plans and got the work rescheduled right away.

As with any GC lining up various subcontractors to come in to do work, there are bound to be a few hiccups in other people getting their schedules mixed up, or having various personal problems that prevent work being done at a scheduled time. I would credit our GC with staying on top of the subcontractors and having very few delays in the project and getting things up to speed when delays did occur. Don't assume that your contractor will have all the answers regarding specific building and remodeling codes. Specialty Builders was flexible when we had to redesign our venting solution, though we wish that we could have had some guidance on what was allowed under code."

Kimberly G.

"We hired Specialty Builders to remodel our master bedroom and master bath, guest bathroom, and guest bedrooms. The work included the removal of all fixtures and drywall in both bathrooms; building a new frameless glass shower stall in the master bath; installing a new tile floor and tile wainscoting in both bathroom; installing all new bathroom fixtures including vanities, lavatories, and toilets; and painting the bathrooms and three bedrooms, including removal of acoustic “popcorn” ceiling texture. They installed ceiling fans and added a switch to control fan speed. They also removed entry tile and filled tile bed with cement.

Loyd and Justin of Specialty Builders were courteous, professional, and informative. The work was finished earlier than we had originally agreed upon even though we added some services to the contract. We also have an older home so there were a few unexpected issues. When these issues came up Loyd and Justin provided timely options with costs and their professional opinion so that we could make the best decision. We would definitely use Specialty Builders again and recommend them to our friends. Page of Happiness Nominee"

Mark H.

"Updated bathroom and kitchen. I recommended Specialty Builders to some clients of mine that were purchasing a home that needed some updating. My clients contacted them; we scheduled an appointment for the week of closing, the following week we agreed on the work to be done, a bathroom and kitchen remodel. The design choices that we were given for the remodel were very creative and will be very effective for future resale value. My clients have raved about the service and communication from both Lloyd and Mark. As a Realtor I am always asked who I would recommend it is great to know a local company that makes my clients happy and me look good for recommending them"

Priscilla, Realtor Moreland Properties

"Complete remodel of the upstairs master-bath, guest bathroom, and laundry room. They ripped out the old flooring, tub, shower, countertops. Had to prep the floor to accept tile, enlarge the shower and tile, glass enclosure without framing, new tub and fixtures. The countertops were replaced with granite, new sinks and fixtures.

Loyd worked around our schedule. Was respectful of not making a mess. Worked around our pets, and was flexible with our changes as we proceed with the project. This company is super friendly and honest. I am even going to use them for the replacement of my outside fireplace siding and painting"

Mark J

"Specialty Builders did a custom cabinetry job in multiple locations in my home. They removed a wall and replaced it with custom half wall cabinets and did storage cabinets in my bathroom. Specialty Builders performed multiple projects for my HOA while I was the president of the board, including extensive wrought iron fence repair, a major fence replacement, a major staining job on a pool house, and a brick wall partial rebuild.

The work was done with great attention to detail. Loyd and his crew were reliable and trustworthy. The work was meticulous, and they left the work site neat and clean. In my living room where the wall was removed, the task was difficult because the flooring surrounding the removed wall left very little room for error on the custom cabinets. When Loyd brought the cabinets in, they fit perfectly. His work for the HOA was similarly fantastic. The HOA work was over several years, so he has been very consistent over time. And because I still live in the neighborhood, I can tell you that the work has held up very well over time. I was very pleased and will use them again."

Mary M.

Contact us to learn more about our excellent team of residential and commercial remodelers. We proudly serve property owners in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding communities.